The Game Plan

Riz Kids Partners for Change

The Rizzo Family Foundation will identify community partners making a significant impact in the lives of children in the Washington, D.C. area and award a grant to those organizations while also raising awareness and driving momentum to the cause throughout the calendar year. 

The Kim Rizzo Penway Scholarship Program

The recipient of the Kim Rizzo Penway Scholarship, named in honor of Mike’s late sister who passed away of ALS in 2020, will exemplify the qualities of Kim, who with great zest and energy, dedicated her life to the service of others. Like Kim, the recipient of this scholarship is always on the quest for ways to help improve a situation and make their environment a better place. Kindness, selflessness, hard work, commitment, and loyalty are qualities that Kim carried with her into her final stage of life.

Load the Bases

Riz Kids provides personalized, meaningful opportunities for game day tickets and other once-in-a-lifetime experiences in the game of baseball to non-profit organizations, educators, and children and families who align with the values and overall mission of the Rizzo Family Foundation.