A Note From Mike

Growing up on the corner of Waveland and Mobile in the Northside of Chicago, I vividly recall the camaraderie of the neighborhood, how everyone looked out for each other, and the sense of safety the community provided. Sports have always been a tremendous part of my life, whether it was taking pucks in the alley from my older brother, or the late nights spent well past the sun went down crafting my skills with my father. As a third-generation scout, it is safe to say baseball is our family business. But so is kindness, generosity, compassion, and the Golden Rule of treating each person as you want to be treated. Since my arrival to The District in 2006, Washington, D.C. has been incredibly welcoming and this community, much as the one I grew up in, has embraced our family as one of their own, looked out for us in times of need, and celebrated the big and small victories along the way. It is with that spirit that we are proud to announce The Rizzo Family Foundation. By investing in community champions, furnishing scholarship opportunities, and providing memorable life experiences in the game of baseball, Riz Kids seeks to empower children who need educational, physical, emotional, and/or financial assistance and strengthen our communities for a brighter tomorrow.  

The time is now.  

Thank you for your support! 

Mike Rizzo

President of Baseball Operations & General Manager of the Washington Nationals

Mike Rizzo