Happy Mother’s Day Riz Kids family!

This weekend, we recognize the love and sacrifice by Moms everywhere. In reading applications for this year’s Kim Rizzo Penway Scholarship, it was inspiring to hear the stories of the impact mothers had on their children. Nearly every applicant mentioned their Mother as their greatest source of inspiration. Kim was an incredible mother who dedicated her life to raising a son with special needs – always advocating for his care and personal development. It’s amazing what a Mother’s love can do for a child and how they see the future and find their passions in life.

As a fairly new Mom, I can assure you there are no off-days in Motherhood. Our mission is to help Moms (and Dads) fill in some of the gaps that occur when a family is in need of educational, physical, emotional, or financial assistance. It takes a community to raise our children and simply put, we are here to help.

One way we provide support is through our Load the Bases program. Not only can nonprofit organizations request items for charity auctions, but we encourage members of the community to reach out if they know of a family who is going through a particularly rough time and could use a fun and carefree night at the ballpark in some of the best seats in all of Major League Baseball. Learn more about the program here or DM us directly at RizKidsFamily.

So cheers to you, Moms!

Today and every day, we celebrate you!

Jodi Rizzo
Co-Founder and Vice President, The Rizzo Family Foundation